Plas Heli - Pwllheli

LED Supplier: Philips
Control: amBX
M&E Consultant EWA Architects
Lighting Design: Jessica Lloyd-Jones
Client: Welsh National Sailing Academy
Products: ColorFuse, ColorCove, ewGraze, ewBurst, Gentlespace, Mini 300 LED

Project Overview

When artist Jessica Lloyd-Jones was commissioned for the Plas Heli Art Project her concept was to illuminate this all-new building housing the National Sailing Academy of Wales according to the wind strength and direction. Such a dynamic and real-time reactive system would create a unique experience as well as illustrating the link between the buildings’ purpose and the elements.
This was achieved through the installation of 305mm length iColor Fuse Powercore fixtures mounted within a recess behind the outer Danpalon Cladding and linked to an amBX Light-Scene Engine which takes direct data from the wind speed and direction monitor designed and supplied by Ant Dickinson.
The dramatic artwork by artists Jessica Lloyd-Jones and Ant Dickinson has been integrated within the £8.9m Plas Heli National Sailing Academy and Events Centre through part-funded by Arts Council of Wales, with overall support from the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government and Gwynedd Council.
The colours of the lighting, which is both interior and exterior, change according to the actual wind speed whilst a gap in colour moves around the circular building to reflect the wind direction. Inspired by the Beaufort Scale, used by sailors all over the world, the colours move in degrees through the colour range according to the wind speed measured in the roof of the building.
In addition the amBX control system also controls the general lighting within the central core of the building which is provided by DALI dimmable Gentlespace Highbay fixtures.
There is also colour change cove lighting used to highlight the reception desk and the bar counter, again linked to the amBX system, which reflects the wind speed colour of the main drum.
The exterior terrace walls and look-out tower have 305mm eW Graze fixtures positioned to provide scallops of white light down the façade with an eW Burst Spotlight positioned underneath the look-out tower to provide a pool of light beneath.

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