University College London Hospital

LED Supplier:Philips Lighting
Control: Pharos LPC-4
Application Support: LITE Ltd
Client: UCLH
M&E consultant: DSSR
Electrical Contractor: TBC
Products: iColor MR Gen3

Project Overview

Following successful installation at QMC Notttingham, Royal Berkshire Reading and Norwich and Norfolk training hospitals CT scanner rooms, Philips ( Now Signify) were approached by design engineers DSSR to put together a simple cost effective scheme for the new ground breaking LINAC scanners to be installed at the world reknown University College Hospital London. Philips then passed this to their Certified value added partner LITE to develop a full controls and supply package. The key to the project was to give the patient choice of a calming and relaxing colour wall wash as they entered the room and undertook the scan, an easy solution to install but keeping the clean room status and simple to install and operate. By their very nature such rooms are full of highly specialised equipment and a sterile environment. In the ceiling there is standard lighting, air conditioning extract filters and the scanner itself, so there was little room to work with. A standard IP65 GU10 was chosen and the colorkinetics MR2 RGB 24v wide beam lamp fitted. They are located around the perimeter of the room and with upto 14 power from a power supply within the ceiling void and individually addressable an d controlled by a simple DMX controller and keypad within the nurses station. 4 rooms were completed over two phases and the client is now looking to roll out this low cost and easy to use system in other areas of the hospital.

Products Used

Icolor MR Gen3

Controls Used


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