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Lumenfacade Nano Color Changing

Lumenfacade Nano

The Lumenfacade Nano Colour Changing is a high-efficiency linear LED luminaire that goes where no facade lighting has gone before. Available in 305 mm, 610 mm, 914 mm or 1219 mm sections, the Lumenfacade Nano Colour Changing packs all the bells and whistles of the larger members of the Lumenfacade family and can be configured with a wide number of options, including: optics for grazing, floodlighting, or wall washing; RGB, RGBW or RGBA colour mixing; various mounting options, finishes and controls. The Lumenfacade Nano Colour Changing is also available with a unique asymmetric distribution, providing exceptional uniformity and brightness for walls and signage. - See more at: Lumenpulse