Riverside - Stockton-on-Tees

LED Supplier: Philips Color Kinetics
Control:Pharos LPX
Lighting Designer:Stainton Lighting Design Services
Client:Stockton BC
Electrical Contractor:EDTE
Products:Flex LMX, ColorGraze, and ColorReach

Project Overview

Stockton on Tees has been going through a major regeneration over recent time and a key project at the heart of the redevelopment was the riverside.
The Tees running though Stockton is a barrage so the river never floods.
The Princess of Wales Bridge is at the end a 450m stretch of the river ending in the millennium bridge.
Both bridges had failing floodlighting and local lighting designers Stainton Lighting came up with an exciting scheme to link the bridges featuring RGB lighting to illuminate the bridges and a river bank continuous node system.
The council were very supportive with the scheme as the river features a large Riverside festival every year in the summer.
Their events managers have taken on total ownership and as part of the celebrations following a gold medal in the London Olympics for a local rower they programmed a special gold scene to follow here as she rowed down the river.
The whole scene is controlled by a 20 DMX universe Pharos LPX unit wirelessly from the Princess of Wales Bridge.
The high street has also now been relit with new columns also featuring flex LMX and graze products throughout.

Products Used



Flex LMX

Controls Used

Pharos LPX

Wireless DMX Transmitter

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