Broadgate Square - Coventry

LED Supplier:Philips Lighting & MaxiLED Lighting
Control:Pharos LPC-1 linked to LumenRadio Wireless DMX Transmitters & Receivers
Application Support:Philips Lighting and LITE Ltd
Client:Coventry City Council
Electrical Contractor:LITE Ltd & Balfour Beatty Living Places
Products:ColorGraze, ColorBlast, ColorBurst, eWBlast, MaxiLED Small Globe and LITE Ltd Recessed Enclosures

Project Overview

The concept was to develop a lighting solution to enhance the multi-million pound regeneration project within Coventry City Centre. Working closely with the Regeneration Team, the appointed contractors and Philips Lighting we proposed a scheme that framed the buildings along one side of the square using a colour change RGB solution to provide a visual backdrop. This was then supplemented by down washing the building support columns on three sides to provide pools of light on the floor. The Lady Godiva Statue was uplight using recessed RGB floodlights whilst the Godiva Clock was sympathetically lit with a warm white LED solution. The Peeping Tom in the centre of the clock was also spotlighted to enhance this feature when he appears. To further enhance the visual space the new trees were dressed with our MaxiLED small globe series with Cool White LED’s – these are a permanent install and are to provide year round sparkle to the trees and environment throughout the seasons. The lighting runs a number of set shows throughout the year and can be reprogrammed for specific events such as Godiva Week, Christmas – the Client underwent Lighting Controls Training provided by LITE Ltd so they are able to reprogram their own lighting shows now.

Products Used

Colorgraze Powercore

Colorblast Powercore

colourburst powercore

ew Blast

MaxiLED Globe

Controls Used

Pharos LPC

Wireless DMX Transmitter

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