City Hall - Bradford

LED Supplier: Philips Color Kinetics
Control: DMX Pharos
Client: Bradford Metropolitan Borough Council
Products: ColorBlast and ColorReach

Project Overview

The magnificent clock tower is City Hall's most notable feature and soars 220 feet above the skyline. The City Hall clock tower is Italianate, inspired by the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence and houses thirteen bells.
As part of the essential re-wiring of Bradford City Hall, LITE Ltd in conjunction with Bradford Building and Technical Services and the councils Environmental and Climate Change Unit have replaced the expensive to operate lighting, with energy saving, and emission reducing, LED lighting.
Programmable, to provide extra functionality to produce dramatic colour changes and lighting effects, LITE’s LED Lighting scheme is designed to complement the new adjacent City Park and support special events.
It can be used to add an extra dimension to the tunes played by the programmable 13 bells in the tower supporting special events and celebrations, while the clarity and intensity of the LED lighting, provides the perfect white light to enhance the tower’s intricately carved stonework.

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