Dumbarton Bridge.

LED Supplier:Philips Color Kinetics
Control: Pharos LPC with 3G Control
Application Support: LITE Ltd
Client: L&E
Products: C-Splash and RGBA Graze

Project Overview

LITE were asked to provide a technical proposal that would include the Design, Supply and Installation of Dynamic LED lighting to enhance this important architectural feature in the heart of Dumbarton. The nal design concept would include IP68 Spot light luminaires located just above the river tide level under the arches and linear Graze luminaires under the overhanging walkways.
LITE and there installation team provided a solution which allowed the bridge to be open continuously throughout the 3 week installation period, by using under-bridge access equipment and clever tra c management. The decision to use this type of access equipment was pivotal to the smooth process of the install, allowing our engineers easy access to all parts of the bridge safely.
This was a project which had some huge challenges, in particular surrounding the installation working conditions, environment and the potential risks to the workforce. Great care and consideration was taken to ensure that the risks were minimised or removed and the impact of the installation did not have an adverse e ect on the local community. The nal result highlights the ve arches and buttresses. With complete control of all of the light ttings via a Pharos LPC and remote access using a 3G sim card the customer has the exibility to react quickly to unexpected requests.

Products Used

ColorGraze Powercore

C-Splash 2

Controls Used


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